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We're Meeting In-Person.

2nd Saturday, 1:00 PM, American National Bank in Canton. Masks optional.

 TX SB#1, SB#8

OnTheDocket 9/3/2021:


Texas Voter Suppression Bill

"S.B. 1 bans these measures, which were particularly popular in urban, Democratic-leaning counties, and institutes a wide range of other restrictions which disproportionately impact low-income voters and people of color.


S.B. 1 also adds documentation requirements to vote by mail, makes it a felony for local election officials to proactively send mail-in ballot applications, empowers partisan poll watchers and more. "


Texas Extreme Abortion Law

"Texas’ new, extreme law (S.B. 8) bans abortion at about six weeks (before many individuals even know they’re pregnant) and allows private citizens to bring a civil suit against a person they believe helped someone get an abortion. Take action and donate to groups on the ground to support Texans who need help."

Marc [Elias]: "By refusing to grant emergency relief, Texas’ near-complete ban on abortions went into effect on Wednesday. Here’s the thing — Congress could pass a national law codifying Roe v. Wade, protecting the right to choose from further attack. They must do so and quickly".

Texas Public Radio  9/3/21


Texas Planned Parenthoods Seek Restraining Order Against Anti-Abortion Group Over New Law

"Anti-abortion activists are already staking out our health centers, surveilling our providers, and threatening our patients,” said Helene Krasnoff, vice president for public policy litigation and law, Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “The physicians, nurses, and clinic staff at Planned Parenthood health centers in Texas — and at abortion providers statewide — deserve to come to work without fear of harassment or frivolous lawsuits.”

Link to donate to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, Inc.


For the People Act of 2021 Passes the House

The For the People Act would mandate the use of paper ballots, require made in the  U.S.A. voting equipment, establish independent commissions for state redistricting, and close loop holes for dark money election contributions.

It is supported by the League of Women Voters®:

"The For the People Act will create a stronger democracy with fairer elections for all Americans."

Brennan Center For the People Act Bill Analysis Guide

Link to the For the People Act  (H.R. 1):

"This bill addresses voter access, election integrity and security, campaign finance, and ethics for the three branches of government. <...>"

Not one Texas House Republican supported this bill. They said NO to fairer elections, NO to paper ballots, NO to better election security, and NO to campaign finance transparency.

President Biden Signs the American Rescue Plan


The American Rescue Plan:

  • Sends $1400 stimulus checks directly to households

  • Funds more vaccines

  • Expands access to health care coverage

  • Helps small businesses & local governments

  • Extends unemployment benefits

  • Offers relief to renters and struggling families

  • Addresses decades of farm policy discrimination in rural America

  • Gets children back to school safely

  • And gets Americans back to work


Every Texas Republican in Congress who voted to give billionaires a tax cut in 2017 opposed the American Rescue Plan.


      January 20, 2021 Noon EST


"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

President Biden"We've learned again that democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. And at this hour, my friends, democracy has prevailed."


Biden-Harris   @    The White House

The White House

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

President Biden

Victory Speech  (Nov 7, 2020)

"This is the time to heal in America"

Vice President Harris

Victory Speech (Nov 7, 2020)

"I hope every little girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities."


Joe Biden:

BATTLE for the SOUL of the NATION

"Keep Up (Aug 2020)   

Biden/Harris  "Go From There"

(Oct 2020)

"It’s time we see each other as fellow Americans who live in — and love — the United States of America."


Monthly Meetings - In-Person!

Masks optional, but appreciated.


Please join us on Saturday, Nov. 13 @ 1PM at the American National Bank in Canton (2nd Floor, Conference Room).



Meet Prince Giadolor

Senate District 2 Candidate

Prince for Texas Senate Website

Nov. 13, 1:00  PM  Monthly Meeting

Dec. 11, 1:00  PM  Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting, 2nd Saturday @ 1 PM:

American National Bank in Canton

2nd Floor Conference Room

401 TX-243

Canton, TX 75103

If you missed our October meeting discussion about the Constitutional Amendments, check out this link and video from the LWV of Texas.


Turn Rural Texas Blue: working to increase Democratic votes in non-urban & rural Texas.


 2021 Election Dates

Oct 4, 2021

Voter Registration Deadline for

Nov 2 Uniform Election Voting

VZ County Clerk

Election Information.

Oct 18, 2021

First Day of Early Voting

Oct 22, 2021  by 5 PM

Vote-by-Mail Applications must

be RECEIVED by the County Clerk's Early Vote Office

Oct 29, 2021

Last Day of Early Voting

Nov 2, 2021

Uniform  Election Date

2021 Constitutional Amendments


Last day (see rules) for ballot by mail.


Justice of the Peace VZC Pct 4 Candidate


 Sterilen Dean


Senate District 2 Candidate

  • Prince4TexasSD2

U.S. House District 5 Candidate

  • Kathleen Bailey for Congress
  • Kathleen Bailey
  • Bailey for Texas

Texas Attorney General Candidates

  • Joe Jaworski for Texas
  • Joe Jaworski for Texas
  • Joe Jaworski for Texas
  • Merritt for Texas
  • Merritt for Texas

Texas Lt. Governor Candidates

  • Collier for Texas
  • Collier for Texas
  • Instagram
  • Dowd for Texas
  • Dowd for Texas


for the

Democratic Party!


Barack Obama 2008 - "Yes We Can"


If you are a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar (DVR), you will need to re-certify in 2021.  Tx Democrats DVR & Voter Registration

For DVR training & test questions go to the Texas SoS.  Or check out the League of Women Voters® of Texas.

If you are a DVR in one county, you may submit a Request for Appointment as a Volunteer Deputy Registrar to become a DVR in another county (see Texas SoS BW2-1) .

Sign up for a DVR virtual training event through Beto's Powered by People. You do not need to live in Harris or Travis county to do the training.

Activism, Organizing, VAN: Free On-line Training  


Summer is here!  Enjoy farm-fresh produce  & support our local farmers & ranchers at the Canton Farmer's Market, the Heritage Park Farmers Market, & the Grand Saline Farmers Market.


Support the Van Zandt County Democratic Party



Or donate by mail with a check:

Van Zandt County Democratic Party

P.O. Box 217

Canton, TX 75103


Do you need more information?


to see more...)

Contact the VZ County Clerk's Office.

Go to Vote Texas Website.

Still registered?  Verify your voter registration status.

Verify your voter ID document.

League of Women Voters® of Texas

Felony conviction? Find out if you can vote.


Are you registered to vote?  Or need to update your voting address?

Register to Vote in 3 Easy Steps


Verify your voter registration status.


Complete your voter registration application.


Mail or hand-deliver your application to the VZ County Clerk's Registrar.

For name changes or address changes WITHIN the county, update your voter registration on-line.

Fast, New, & Easy!


You will need:

   Texas Drivers License or ID

   Social Security #

   Voter Registration Card VUID


Update voter name & address on-line.

Voter registration cards usually arrive in about 30 days.

Questions about registering to vote?   We can help. Text 903-275-1064 to reach one our volunteers.


Are you a Texas student voter, living away from home?

You can vote!  Choose  either A, B, or C - they all require a bit of advance planning.


Change you voter registration to your away from home location (30 or more days before the election).


Vote early or on election day at home.


Request an absentee ballot by mail from the VZ County Clerk's office, sent to your away from home location (as early as possible, but at least 10 days before the election).


Stay Safe and Vote By Mail (VBM) -

How to Request to VBM


Verify your VBM eligibility.


Request a VBM application from the VZ County Clerk's Election Office.


Fill-out & sign your VBM application. Keep a copy of your signed application.


Mail or hand-deliver your VBM application to the VZ County Clerk's Election Office.

When Your VBM Ballot Arrives


VBM ballots are sent out a few weeks before the election.Protect your VBM ballot from fraud with Helpful Hints from the Tx SoS.


Complete your ballot and carefully follow the directions for its return. Sign the carrier envelope the same way as you signed your application in Step 3.


Mail-in your carrier envelope/ballot as soon as possible. Allow at least 5 days for delivery.

FPCA Voters

Service members, their families, and overseas citizens may request an absentee ballot using a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) through the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP).


Request an absentee ballot.


Track your FPCA absentee ballot.

Make Sure Your Vote Counts - Avoid These Common Errors

No signature on carrier envelope. Before you drop your carrier envelope in the mail, double-check to verify that it is signed.

Ballot received too late.

With a few exceptions, ballots must be RECEIVED (not postmarked) at the VZ County Clerk's Office by election day.

 Signature on carrier envelope does not match application.  

For households with more than 1 person voting by mail - before you sign, verify that the printed name on the carrier envelope is your name.

Do not sign the carrier envelope for other members of your household.

Carrier envelope contains more than 1 ballot.

A carrier envelope can contain only 1 ballot. Do not bundle ballots together.

Are you concerned about using the USPS to return Your VBM ballot?

If you are concerned that there will not be enough time (allow AT LEAST 5 days) to mail-in your VBM ballot for the election, you may drop-off your ballot (see instructions) at the County Clerk's Election Office.  You will need a valid ID, and you may only drop-off your own ballot.


Stay Safe, Wear a Mask, Social Distance, Get Vaccinated


Texas COVID-19 Vaccinations


The Texas Department of State Health Services has the latest information about access to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Are you, like 25% of the people in Van Zandt County, 60+ years old?  

In Texas, 80% of COVID-19 deaths are people aged 60+; by race/ethnicity, almost half of the deaths are Hispanic. Over 66,000 people have died.

CDC - Data & Vaccinations

COVID Data Tracker



COVID-19 Updates    COVID-19

Texas Health and Human Services


NET Health (Northeast Texas, includes Van Zandt County)

Updated Oct 7, 2021

Van Zandt County: over 7700 confirmed and probable cases,  >1400 active cases, and 194 deaths.