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Become a Precinct Chair

Van Zandt County - Precinct Chair

Precinct Chairs, along with the County Chair, form the County Executive Committee (CEC). The CEC is the governing body of the Van Zandt County Democratic Party (VZCDP).

A Precinct Chair is a party official, elected to a two-year term in the Democratic Party Primary in even-numbered years. A Precinct Chair may also be appointed to fill a vacant Precinct Chair position.

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Julie Haldeman, County Chair

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Precinct Chair Requirements

  • Attend quarterly meetings of the CEC.* The CEC conducts party business at these meetings.

  • Must be registered to vote in her/his precinct.

  • Must live in her/his precinct.

  • Must have voted in the previous Democratic primary and/or Democratic primary runoff.**

  • Must not have voted in the previous Republican primary.**

  • Cannot publicly support or endorse an opposing party or a non-Democratic candidate in a race where a Democrat is on the ballot. This includes donating money, soliciting votes, or serving on a campaign committee.

  • Eligible to hold elective office in the state of Texas.

  • Texas Secretary of State website publicly list Precinct Chair names.


Texas Democratic Party Rules, pp. 5-8).

** If this requirement is not met, one can sign an Oath of Affiliation to the Democratic Party (Texas Democratic Party Rules, p. 6).

CEC/County Chair/Precinct Chair Members’ Responsibilities

  • Vote on budgets and approve major spending.

  • Elect a new County Chair when a vacancy occurs.

  • Select nominees for the ballot when a candidate withdraws or dies. This is done by only those chairs in the candidate’s district.

  • Confirm appointments of Precinct Chairs, Party officers, and committee members.

  • Understand issues and legislation and organize support or opposition.

  • Vote on candidate endorsements and Party resolutions.

  • Coordinate VZCDP’s involvement in county, state, and national election campaigns.

  • Canvass the results of primary and primary runoff election

  • Provide training and materials for Precinct Chairs


Precinct Chairs Are Strongly Encouraged to Participate in the VZCDP

  • Become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar.

  • Attend monthly meetings of the VZCDP.

  • Attend all precinct and/ or county conventions.

  • Volunteer to support VZCDP committee activities.

Precinct Chairs Are Also Encouraged to Do the Following

  • Learn the rules of the Texas Democratic Party (TDP) and have a basic knowledge of Roberts Rules of Order.

  • Actively canvass Van Zandt County to identify and turn out Democratic voters year-round.

  • Complete TDP’s Precinct Chair Training (Precinct Chair Learning Path - 3 modules).

  • Know your precinct and assemble resources.

  • Use the Voter Activation Network (VAN) to help access and update voter files.

  • Assist the VZCDP with recruiting election judges, alternate judges, election clerks, and poll watchers.

  • Get voters to the polls to support Democratic national, state and local candidates.

Texas Secretary of State & Elections

The Texas Secretary of State website includes official forms, election dates, and filing deadlines.

If there is only one candidate for a Precinct Chair position, the candidate’s name does not appear on the Primary ballot. Instead, the Democratic County Chair will post a Notice of Precinct Chair Elected. The Precinct Chair’s term starts 20 days after the Runoff Election.


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